Meeting - 10th January 2018

Protocol of the GASPI Forum meeting on January, 10th, 2018, Frankfurt/Main

Date: 2018.01.10
Location: Frankfurt/Main, Wilhelm-Fay Straße 54
Start: 11:00h
End: 16:00h


  • Fraunhofer ITWM (Mirko Rahn, Daniel Grünewald, Martin Kühn)
  • ZIH, TU Dresden (Christian Herold)
  • DLR (Tom Gerhold, Olaf Krzikalla)
  • LRZ (Christoph Bernauer)
  • Tartu University, Estonia (Benson Muite)
  • T-Systems SfR (Christian Simmendinger)


Daniel: GaspiCXX

C++ interface to Gaspi / GPI-2

  • Idea: Improve usability, retain performance
  • Generic (fully dynamic) resource management
  • Segment memory management
  • Segment notification management
  • RAII: Segment, Queue, Group
  • Abstraction of communication
  • Setup phase: may be „expensive“
  • „Production“ phase: full performance

Christian: Shared Memory Segments for GASPI

  • Idea: Support for Migration from legacy MPI-only applications
  • Replace node-internal communication with shared memory data dependencies
  • Replace intra-node MPI communication with GASPI notified communication
  • Aggregate intra-node communication

Errata Proposals

General Text Proposals


  • Use of GASPI for halo exchange library, such as detailed in
  • Use of GASPI in DASH project

Tutorials / Hackathon

  • Benson Muite: Still investigating workshop/hackathon

Next meeting:

  • June, 27 2017 in Frankfurt
Written on January 10, 2018